Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The COD Killer


         Titanfall is the next big thing. Everyone has been talking about COD ( Call of Duty) for all these years, but now it's Titanfall's turn. Titanfall is a first person shooter game. The game was made
by a game by the former Modern Warfare developers, Respawn Entertainment. The release date of Titanfall is March 11, 2014. However, this is bad news for all you playstation lovers because Titanfall is only available for Xbox one, Xbox 360, and PC. I for one, am very disappointed.


          Many people have been wondering, is this the end for Call of Duty. I think Call of Duty will always be a fan favorite and a classic, but Titanfall will definitely be a top game, maybe even game of the year. However, I am very disappointed that Titanfall will not be coming out for playstation.


Gameplay of you controlling the titan
Titanfall has a very unique style of play. (Of course, you can play online). In this game, opposed to other games, the player either goes around on foot or controls a titan. The titans add a lot of action in the game. Another way the action is increased is by adding bots. There are many different maps and game modes you can play. The style of play online is not comparable with other first person shooters such as, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Metal Gear Solid, etc.. This is something new, unique, and you will have a wonderful time playing this game.


What is your favorite game, whether it be first person shooter, MMORPG, etc.?  Comment your answer in the comments section. 

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