Monday, October 7, 2013

Even Lebron James can't Dunk on This



Super Croc was the fiercest croc that ever roamed the Earth. Weighing at eight tons and forty feet long, the Super Croc had the T-Rex begging for mercy. The Super Croc had 132 teeth and its jaw was 6 six feet long. This croc is one of the most feared creatures to ever walk the Earth. Although there are many Super Crocs alive today, no Super Croc is or will be as feared or mighty as this Super Croc.


What do I think of the Super Croc? The first words that pop into my head when I hear Super Croc are ferocious, enormous, feared, and superior. The Super Croc is easily one of the most dangerous creatures to ever walk the Earth. If it were to still be alive today I would not want to mess with it because once it spots you, there is no escape. Luckily there are no Super Crocs like this living in our time. There would be no other creature that could cause as much terror as this Super Croc! I cannot imagine living with Super Croc.

                          Super Croc's Attributes

                Cousins of Super Croc                                          Features of Super Croc
             1. Boar Croc                                                                  1. The Super Croc had 132 teeth.
                 2. Pancake Croc                                                                                  2. The Super Croc had 250 bones in its
                 3. Dog Croc                                                                                              body. ( Not counting skull and armor)
                 4. Rat Croc                                                                                           3. The Super Croc weighs 8 tons and is
                 5. Duck Croc                                                                                            40 feet long.
                                                                                                                               4. The Super Croc's skull alone is 6 feet.
                                                                                                                               5. The Super Croc had about 65  

Comparison of Super Croc and human skull
Pancake Croc




  Questions About Super Croc

             Question 1: What would you do if the Super Croc had appeared in your area?

                Question 2: Think about the size and features that the Super Croc has. What is one way you could attempt to catch a Super Croc? What equipment would you use? And what would be your strategy? 


                     Super Croc Live in Action

 Super Croc has finally been captured alive! Super Croc struggles to get out of captivity. It will not go down without a fight. Watch this vicious beast fight back live in the video.


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