Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Roads are Built



          Roads are used in our everyday life. We always see builders building a new road or adding more road. But do we really know how these roads are made? Roads require a lot of people and special equipment. First, you need to plan out how the road is going to formed and where you want the road to go. To actually start to build the road, you need to have earth removing machines. Bulldozers and other big equipment to dig out all the dirt and mud in one area. Then, layers of gravel are placed inside the space provided for the road. Big machines and trucks roll over the gravel to make it smooth and so it will flatten. Once all of that is finished, they start to pave. They pave with asphalt and concrete. The workers melt the asphalt and then pour it on the road. Then the road is finished.


          I think that roads are an essential part of our lives, whether they are dirt roads or proper asphalt roads that we commonly drive on now. Without any kinds of roads we wouldn't be able to get to the places we need to go to. But I think that roads should be made with some other material that won't wear out or become unusable. But the ideas of roads are great because they are a part of life. I couldn't imagine a life without roads.


If the choice was yours, what material would you want to make the road out of, or would you want to keep it the same? Why? Comment your answers down below.


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