Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why is it Called Black Friday


          Everyone in the US love Black Friday. This is the day where people can get everything they have dreamed of for half off. Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving and is when consumers swarm the malls and stores around the country. But how did the name Black Friday come to be? Some historians believe that the name came from Philadelphia, where bus drivers and police used to refer to the heavy traffic and clogged streets, that occurred the day after Thanksgiving, as Black Friday. Another myth of how this name came to be is when businesses did not appreciate the negative tone that the meaning of Black Friday had. So later, they made it so that it was Black Friday because business men usually used black ink to show profits that they made. So they called it Black Friday to symbolize that businesses would make profits on that day. There are also many other myths to how Black Friday had got its name. 

My Opinion

          I honestly think that Black Friday should be called something else besides Black Friday. They should use a name that symbolizes what Black Friday is and what happens on this day. But leaving aside the name, i think that the idea of Black Friday and what the holiday is is a great idea. It helps people get what they need and what and save tons of money. It is also placed at a great date because it is around two weeks before Christmas. That is useful because many people can finish their Christmas shopping early and save a lot of 
money too.

Top Ten Stores on Black Friday

  1. Game Stop- Many kids might want to get a new system that has come out or new games 
  2. Costco- Has everything a man needs and wants
  3. Walmart
  4. Target
  5. Radio Shack- Older kids might ask for new phones or any electronic devices 
  6. Toys R Us- Kids can buy all the toys that they want
  7. Best Buy- To buy video games and movies that you want.
  8. Apple Store- To buy any Apple products
  9. Kmart
  10. Khols- To fulfill all your clothes and shoes needs.


         What would you name this day if it were up to you, or would you want to just leave it the way it is? Why?

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