Thursday, February 6, 2014

What are Rip Currents



Rip currents are when you feel like you are being dragged away by the water. This usually occurs at the beach. When you are in the water, you might feel as if you are being dragged away from the shore and are starting to sink. Well that is a rip current or undertow. Some rip currents can be deadly. To avoid being dragged to sea by a rip tide, you have to swim sideways until you find a place where the tides aren't strong enough to pull you away and then start swimming to shore. The strength of rip currents depend on the location and how the shoreline is shaped.

My Opinion

In my opinion, rip currents are dangerous. But if you are a strong swimmer or you know how to escape a rip tide, then you will be fine. Rip tides don't scare me that much and they are definitely not going to stop me from swimming in the beach. Rip tides aren't something I really worry about when I go to the beach.



Have you ever been caught in a rip tide? If so, what happened? Comment your answers down below.




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